There are times when you really would like to know the identity of the missed call that appears on the screen of your cell phone before calling back.  You might want to prepare yourself for the call.  Maybe someone has been calling up on numerous occasions and not leaving a voicemail behind, you might be unwilling to answer until you know who it is.  It might be someone from your past or for all you know, a stalker.  It might simply be an unwanted sales call.  Whatever it is, having the ability to reverse the cell or landline number is useful and that is what this article is about – Discovering the various ways available to you when trying to do a reverse phone lookup.

How can it be Done?

Lets begin with free methods of phone directory lookups.

  • Simply type the number into your favourite search engine and you just might be surprised with the information you receive back as a result.
  • Try public white pages as well, they might provide you with the information you require.
  • With the influx of social networks and cell phones that can connect seamlessly to these networks, there is a chance that someone has saved numbers to their phone books on places like Facebook.  So searching these places may lead to a good result.

The problem with the free methods is that the person you are hunting down may be unlisted and this process is time-consuming so this may not be a method that gives you the results you want quickly or at all.  However you may be lucky so it is worth a try if you have the time.

Paid for services

There are companies within the US that provide the information you require.  However, needless to say, they are bound by fairly strict rules about how the information is distributed.  It is people’s private details after all.  In order to access this information, you will be required at least to register a valid credit card or paypal account and they will of course charge a fee for their services.  They have agreements with phone companies which allows them access to these private databases.  Of course, they are charged a fee for this service which they in turn pass on to you,the consumer, in the form of a nominal subscription fee.

What kind of information would you expect from these services?

At the very least, you would expect to get a name and address of the person whose details you are enquiring about.  Some companies are even able to provide considerably more than that.  You can check what is available by going to their websites or speaking with them over the phone.

How do these services work?

Well, first of all, most of them will let you do a preliminary search of their database to see if the information is there.  They will not reveal it at this point but before you pay for the service, it can at least let you know if there is enough information available that you would be willing to pay for.

If they do in fact have the information to hand, then they will ask you to pay a subscription so that you can access the information for whatever period of time you choose.  It could be for a year or it could be for a few hours dependent on the company and what you have paid to them.

Is it Legal?

Absolutely, as I explained earlier there are certain things the service have to do to ensure you are in fact who you say you are but as long as they have a paper trail of their customers in case you turn out to be a stalker!, then you are safe in the knowledge that the information you receive and legitimately pay for is completely ok.

Who should you use?

There are various companies that provide this guaranteed information with a range of fees.  Have a look below at the list of companies I have found just by doing a search.  Look back here from time to time I may well add some reviews of their service as it is a useful thing to discover.

Obviously, the more you pay, the more information you are likely to receive in return so it is up to you to decide which reverse phone directory would suit your purpose.