Locating someone at no charge is becoming increasingly simple to do.  People are becoming less wary about sharing details about their lives online.  A few years ago, we would never have dreamt about exposing our intimate details publicly online but now thanks to social networks like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, our lives are anything but private.

These new developments make it easy for the seeker of information to find it.  As long as you are willing to sacrifice the time, you should be able to find a person or people for free.

Let us begin at the obvious one, considering my introduction above…

Social Networks

The other thing about becoming a free people finder is that there is always an exchange.  Either you exchange your money for the background  information or you exchange your own time and contact record.  This may not be a concern to you as you may already be a member of a social network which means your record is already out there as you have to join in by giving some of your information in return for being a member of the social network.

Places like Facebook then allow you to search for people with their full name and possibly even place of origin.  If your missing person attended the same school as you, you could click on your school link and find them pretty quickly.

Search Engines

Now if you would rather not become a part of the social revolution but still want to find people for free,  without paying any money then the next obvious thing to do would be to use search engines.

Google is the obvious first choice unless you are more enamoured with Bing or AOL.

People Search Engines

There are more specific people search engines though such as

  • pipl (www.pipl.com)
  • yahoo people search(people.yahoo.com)
  • 192 (www.192.com/people  – UK based)
  • Zabasearch _ A specifically people search engine
  • Yasni (www.yasni.com) – This is surprisingly amazing.  You get the option of putting gin the person you are searching for by name, and it will search for where they are, their Amazon Wish List, their interests, email addresses and more.  Pretty nifty stuff for finding people.  Not so great if you would rather not be found!
  • Spokeo – This one will give you basic information about the person’s online presence with enough tantalising detail to prompt you to pay the 3.95 fee (6 month plan – at time of writing) to access the rest of the information.
  • Whitepages.com –
  • US Search (www.ussearch.com)
  • Wink (wink.com)
  • Peek you (peekyou.com)

This is just a quick list of a few free people search engines that should help you in your quest to find people for free.  All the best!