How to Find Someone’s Address?

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Are you on the hunt for a long-lost friend?  Are you looking for a partner who has run off leaving you holding the bag?  Whatever your reasons, there are times when you need to find someone or at least their address pretty quickly and preferably for free or as cheaply as possible.  It might even be a surprise present you want to gift them with.  Asking them for their address upfront could spoil the moment.

Thankfully, we live in the computer age and you can find a person using all the resources the internet provides.  Of course this information may well be out of date but with things like Facebook, Linked In and various other social networks, it should not be too difficult to find a person’s most recent contact details.

There are various ways to look for an address but the more information you have about a person , the easier it will be to find said person’s details.

To start your search for someone’s address, try to gather all the information about the person that you can.  The things that will help you in your quest to find someone’s address would be things like their

  • First and last names, possibly any middle names as well.  Not many people are aware of other people’s middle names unless they are family.
  • Do you remember when last you were in contact with them?  If it was an educational establishment, you could google their name with the school name as well.  This might lead you to their records on a social site.  This, for one might provide you with a telephone number immediately.
  • If you have their telephone number, you can sometimes do a reverse search on places like or even good old google again.  Time and again, I have done reverse searches when new unknown numbers have called my cell phone I like to figure out who it could be before calling them back or responding to their call.
  • Do you know their friends, family?  Think about where they are based or where you last saw them
  • Of course, having their Social Security Number might be a great help.  In the UK, it will be their National Insurance Number.

I hope you get the message that the more information you have about a person, the more likely you are to successfully complete your search.

Most Popular ways to find an address

  1. In the UK, you can use services such as which will have quite a lot of addresses.  You sometimes have to pay £8 for a search, particularly if the person involved has requested that their address not be made freely available.The Electoral Roll is another way to locate people in the UK.
  2. On the internet, pay a visit to the directory,,
  3. Friends and family of the person concerned may also be a great help when it comes to locating them.
  4. What of a previous landlord?  They may well have a forwarding address which, though they may be reluctant to tell you, the landlord could forward mail on your behalf.
  5. Search for their name in or LinkedIn.  Most people have an account with at least one of these social networks.  You never know,  you may have a friend in common and you could find out from that common friend the current  address for the person  you are hunting for.
  6. Depending on how desperate you are to find someone, you might need to pay someone else (a private Detective) to help you with locating the person.  There are various companies that will offer the service for a fee.  Before you get to that though, try the premium services of the sites I have mentioned above first as that will definitely be cheaper.  Although, an actual person is more likely to guarantee results or refund any fees paid, if unsuccessful

The above details six ways you can employ to find someone’s address.

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Who Lives At This Address

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How do you find people for free?

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